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For centuries, the wisdom of traditional Indigenous healers has been evident in their sacred smoking ceremonies where leaves or bark from diverse plants were used for spiritual and physical healing. Similarly, ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and a myriad of cultures have revered frankincense and myrrh, incorporating them into their spiritual practices. Many worshipers continue this tradition, using frankincense smoke to cleanse and consecrate spaces, with its rising plumes representing prayers ascending to the divine.

Today, the precious frankincense tree primarily adorns the landscape of Oman, where its smoke is not only a spiritual purifier but also a powerful tool in repelling insects and safeguarding against malaria—a common threat along the coastal regions. Whether it's the aromatic granules, the cleansing smoke, or the healing qualities of frankincense-infused water, this ancient resin is still sought after for its potential to alleviate conditions ranging from indigestion and bronchitis to hypertension, depression, and aiding postnatal recovery.

At Bucks, we're delighted to offer a diverse range of smudges, scents, and aromatics that honor these age-old traditions. We are committed to ethical sourcing, prioritizing purchases directly from Indigenous communities and private lands whenever possible. Join us in embracing the healing power of nature's scents, responsibly harvested for your holistic well-being.

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