Vetiver Root Braid (Reunion Island bourbon, smudge)

Vetiver Root Braid (Reunion Island bourbon, smudge)

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Vetiver Root Braid

Burn as an incense, extract for use as a perfume, or in essential oils.

Olfactory family: vibrating woody 

In general, the smell of vetiver is quite dazzling, fresh, with hazelnut accents and fine smoky scents, but as with all natural raw materials, the scent varies according to the sun, the earth, etc. The scent of vetiver can have specificities and differences.

Vetiver has an aromatic odor, quite distinct, even more earthy, less fine, bitter, with an smoky smell that some say (not us) evokes the smell of grilled bacon. 

The essential oils of vetiver have immuno-stimulating, relaxing properties, used in aromatherapy, they help the organism in the fight against stress as well as benefits in the prevention of diseases. The essential oil acts as beneficial as the psyche, moreover the Indians found great virtues in it, so they call it "the oil of tranquillity".

Sold per hand made braid, each approximately 15" long