Collection: African Diaspora

Welcome to Bucks, your cozy nook for an ever-unfolding celebration of the African Diaspora's rich culinary heritage. Our menu is a lovingly crafted patchwork, continuously growing to envelop you in the heartfelt flavors from Nigerian to Ethiopian, Moroccan to Cuban cuisines, and beyond.

Here, we treasure the art of spice curation, the selection of aromatic teas, and the sourcing of native ingredients, each with its own narrative and distinctive influence on our fare. In the hands of our passionate chefs, the unassuming bean is elevated to star status, while seeds get their well-deserved spotlight, weaving a tapestry of taste that's as intricate as it is inviting.

At Bucks, our kitchen is a vibrant playground where tradition dances with innovation. Every meal is an open invitation to journey through the ever-expanding realm of African Diaspora flavors. So come on in, find a spot that feels like home, and let us surprise you with new culinary treasures on each and every visit. Welcome to the ever-present, flavor-filled adventure at Bucks—your palate will thank you, time and again.

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