One of America's Oldest Spice Stores

We are one of the oldest continuously operating spice retailers in America!  

Formed in 1973 by Anne Buck, Buck's Spices offers an interesting and dynamic assortment of exotic herbs and spices, local small-batch organic / sustainably-produced gourmet herb and spice blends, bulk herbs, and gourmet specialities, for more than half a century! 

We buy our ingredients from local, regional, indigenous, traditional and heirloom suppliers. We offer products that are delicious, feel good, are organic whenever possible and are responsibly produced. 

We believe there's merit in supporting a a quality-oriented, not-mass-market, healthy food supply chain, and we think this is worth some premium. That said, we buy as carefully as we can, paying attention to sustainability and practices, and we price fairly, and we hope you appreciate the value we offer.

Our aim is to provide a pleasant and interesting experience when shopping at Bucks, whether in the funky old-style apothecary store or from our website.  Good food can be inspiring, healthy, inclusive and fun, and doesn't have to be exclusive or expensive. 

The relentless march towards ever-greater corporate profits (we're looking at you Amazon) means that in many ways there is a race to the bottom in terms of pricing because everyone wants to get a good deal.  We're all susceptible to this.  Retailers often succumb to pressure and start selling inferior quality at lower prices.  We don't do that.  We source and pay for quality.  It's up to each of us to determine whether we value the enterprises who are earnestly offering good products at fair prices, or to just follow the lowest price.

Thank you to all the people who have supported us, and to our amazing team of spice barista and artisans and geniuses.  We would not be in business without you!