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Thyme Smudge Sticks

Thyme Smudge Sticks

Great fragrance!
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A twist on smudging: herbal THYME Smudge Sticks! Used in rituals, ceremonies, magic, or simply for aroma.

Historically, thyme was burned as incense by the ancient Greeks and Romans to restore strength and clarity to the mind and to clear the air of illnesses and diseases. Like its cousin, Sage, Thyme is know believed to effectively neutralize many airborne bacteria and microbes.

For thousands of years, thyme has had a reputation as a healer and protector. It was also used as an antidote to poison and a preventative of the plague - the posies of herbs worn when the Black Death struck in the 1340's included thyme as a major ingredient (not sure it helped though, given history. But they tried). It was also used in concoctions that were applied directly to plague blistered skin.

Thyme was associated with courage and bravery from ancient times well into the Middle Ages and was given as a gift to soldiers about to go into battle. The fragrant smoke of Thyme was believed to evoke a spirit of courage in those who inhaled it, and if death should be the fate of the soldier it was believed to be a powerful aid to the journey into the afterlife.

The name Thyme is derived from from the Latin thymus, which can be traced further to the Greek thymós or "spirit", originally meaning "smoke"!

Sacred to Native tribes known as the Mother and giver of life. These wands can be used for protection, purification, cleansing, wealth, healing, and prosperity.

Each Thyme Sage Stick/Wand is usually 3.5 - 4.5" long.

This is a hand tied natural item so please allow some variance from item to item.

String colors may vary.

We are aware of concerns about the careless over-harvesting of materials such as sage and palo santo. Our sources are reputable, sometimes indigenous landowners, and they assure us that their harvesting practices are careful, sustainable, and respectful.

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