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The Tension Relief Box

The Tension Relief Box

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Here's a lovely gift for the person in your life who could use to relax a bit: The Tension Relief Box!  Each box contains:

Rose Flower Water,  a fragrant scented water made by steeping rose petals in water, from Blackwater Apothecary.

Alba1913 Tension Relief Spray, a calming body spray, formulated to relieve tension after travel or physical activity. The spray contains a rich composition of essential oil extracts that soothe and cultivate long-lasting relaxation. Especially recommended following an intense workout.  

Little Otter Lip Balm,  This cooling organic peppermint oil and organic rosemary oil lip balm keep lips feeling fresh all day long.


About Blackwater Apothecary

Blackwater Apothecary creates carefully handcrafted items are created with environmental consciousness & sustainability in mind. Offering a variety of wonderfully created items and antique charm.

About Alba1913

Alba1913 is an independent Polish brand. They craft ALBA1913 natural formulations, drawing on a hundred-year-old family apothecary and herbalist tradition, all in line with CLEAN BEAUTY standards. Their quality skincare and herbal formulations have already gained recognition in HOLLYWOOD, Saudi Arabia and Japan. 

About Little Otter

Organic and fair-trade, this woman-owned company sources clean ingredients and donates 10% of its profits to organizations doing clean water work.

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