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Puerh Tea, "Poe"

Puerh Tea, "Poe"

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Come and immerse yourself in the rustic charm of our Puerh Poe tea, where each sip captures the essence of a peaceful country morning. This shou variety of pu'erh offers a clean, woodsy aroma that beckons you into a cozy barn filled with warm hay, earthy mushrooms, and the wholesome scent of savory vegetables.

With a heavy body and rounded edge so typical of Yunnan teas, Pu Erh Poe is a prime example of the shou (ripened) pu erh category. Aged for five years, redolent of just-tilled fertile soil, its flavor is intense yet, unlike other teas, it can take additional water to lessen the intensity without losing its particular taste or the ability to re-infuse. Pour on boiling water to cover the leaves, leave on for 45 seconds, then discard that liquid before steeping with freshly boiled water. Experiment with times to your taste. It cannot be over-steeped.

As you enjoy this tea, you may notice the subtle wilted flower notes dancing through the air, complemented by a faint, velvety dark chocolate texture that adds a touch of indulgence. The overall experience is mellow and grounding, a perfect companion to a quiet moment of reflection.

And for those who find the robust flavor of traditional Puerh too commanding, you'll be pleasantly surprised. Our Puerh Poe is forgiving and versatile. Should the intensity be more than you desire, a simple dilution with water will gently tame the brew—a curious characteristic that is not often found in other teas.

Puerh's adaptability extends to its brewing time as well; whether steeped for a brisk 30 seconds or a meditative 30 minutes, this tea will embrace your preference without a hint of bitterness. It's a tea that invites you to experiment and personalize your experience, offering a delightful taste journey through multiple infusions.

For the Puerh enthusiasts and the curious alike, we recommend treating your taste buds to the rich, superior-grade taste of our Puerh Poe. Packaged in a convenient 2 oz. ziplock to maintain its freshness, it's ready for you to discover and savor.

Containing a high level of caffeine and best steeped at 212° for 3-5 minutes, our Puerh Poe is the perfect choice for a morning energizer or an afternoon lift.

So whether you prefer to say Pu'Ehr, Pu Ehr, Pu Erh, or Pu air, the exceptional quality of this tea remains unchanged. Embrace the warmth and complexity of Puerh Poe, and let it transport you to a place where time slows down and every sip is a story. Here's to the joy of tea, and to the delightful exploration of its rich tapestry of flavors. Enjoy!

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