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Hoja de Aguacate Avocado Leaves (.25 oz)

Hoja de Aguacate Avocado Leaves (.25 oz)

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Traditionally used throughout  Mexico to cook beans and mole, avocado leaf has a beautiful herbal, anise-like flavor. Add leaves to a pot of beans, rice or braises, or grind them to mix into sauces and rubs. 

For cooking, most recipes call for toasting fresh or dried avocado leaves before using. After toasting, they can be added whole, ground, or crumbled to your dish, depending on how you are using them. Some leaves are more pungent that others, so start with a conservative amount, anywhere from one teaspoon of ground leaf to 1 whole leaf or equivalent for an entire pot of beans. If you want a stronger flavor, simply add more.

To toast avocado leaves: Toast the avocado leaves in a hot, dry skillet, pressing lightly with a spatula, or, using tongs, pass them over a live flame for about 10 seconds. Toasting heats up the natural oils in the leaves and brings out the licorice flavor. For this reason it is best only to toast what you will use in a particular recipe, toasting afresh for each use.

Hoja de Aguacate Avocado Leaves, Cut/sifted leaves

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