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Omani Black Limes (Omani Lemon, loomi, عمانی, Limu Omani)

Omani Black Limes (Omani Lemon, loomi, عمانی, Limu Omani)

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Black lime, an important Middle Eastern ingredient, goes by a number of different names including dried lime and loomi (Arabic: لومي) . One of its names, omani (Persian: عمانی), refers to the fact that the process of brining and drying limes was developed in Oman. To complicate things, black limes are also commonly referred to as lemons though they are almost always indeed limes. And they’re not always black, either. Black limes range from a leathery brown to an almost lacquered black.

Black limes have the concentrated sweet and tart flavors of citrus along with an underlying earthy, pungent nose of fermented fruit.

Black limes are traditionally used in soups and stews, lentil and bean dishes, rice dishes and as an ingredient in baharat (بهارات‎), a spice blend and condiment used throughout the Middle East. To use, after giving them a rinse, pierce the limes a few times with a knife and then add them to your dish. Remove the limes before serving.

A little goes a long way.

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