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FDR Whipple Beans

FDR Whipple Beans

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A Local Olympia Brand!

This delicious bean has adapted beautifully to the Willamette Valley in Oregon but it is not known whether they were brought by pioneers in the 19th century or by an associate of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr in the 1970s. The only references seem to be from seed companies telling one or the other story.

They look very similar to the classic Cargamanto bean from Colombia and they are likely related to the Spanish Tolosana bean from the Basque region.

Whatever their story, they have quickly become one of our favorite beans. Because they are mild, they're a great canvas for however you want to prepare them. They make an excellent, but somewhat untraditional, refried bean.

About FDR Brand

FDR Brand is a local Olympia brand of foods which aims for the highest quality at the lowest price: beans, legumes, and grains, packed in Olympia, WA. FDR Brand means delicious, practical and nutritious products at very competitive prices. Whenever possible FDR Branded products are organic, non-GMO, and sustainably produced.

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