El Machete Manifesto Hot Sauce

El Machete Manifesto Hot Sauce

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Straight from East LA, El Machete (Est 1924) is a small, family owned business with treasured recipes such as this  Manifesto hot sauce, the first sauce created by the family. This light, semi-sweet BBQ sauce character offers a savory, smoky, and tangy heat achieved by combining smoked Morita chillies, fire roasted Orange Habaneros, and toasted Arbol Chillies.

It’s further layered with a blend of Mexican style spices, organic Agave nectar, white and apple cider vinegar, and Kosher/natural sea salt. Manifesto adds smokiness to dressings, steak sauces, roasted chicken, cheese sandwiches, pizza, cheeseburgers, and can heat up smokey Mezcal cocktails.

Heat level: 6.5/10

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