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Double Ginger Rooibos Tea, Loose

Double Ginger Rooibos Tea, Loose

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Hello there, bold flavor seekers and ginger enthusiasts! Prepare yourselves for a thrilling ride with our Double Ginger blend—a tisane that doesn’t just whisper ginger, it shouts it from the rooftops! If a gentle nudge towards slumberland is what you're after, this zesty concoction might just have you dancing instead.

Brace your senses for a supercharged burst of ginger that promises to enliven your palate and warm your soul. It’s a robust, no-holds-barred celebration of spice that's bound to delight those who crave an audacious, in-your-face flavor experience.

Fear not the absence of caffeine in this exhilarating brew. While it may be deceptively caffeine-free, its natural vigor is enough to kindle a fire of vitality that can invigorate without the jitters.

Steep this fearless blend at 212° for a full 5 minutes to unleash its full potential. We've packed this spirited tisane in a resealable zip bag, complete with 2 ounces of zestful delight. It’s not for the faint of heart, but if you’re up for the adventure, this Double Ginger tisane is ready to become your new vivacious favorite!

Blended With Ginger, Green Rooibos Tea, Red Peppercorn, Natural Ginger Flavor, Black Peppercorn, Orange, Marigold Flowers, Strawberries, Natural Peach Flavor, Natural Strawberry Flavor & Natural Orange Flavor

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