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Authentic Basque Blend (Decorative Reusable Tin)

Authentic Basque Blend (Decorative Reusable Tin)

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Experience the enchanting flavors of the Basque Country with our rustic Basque spice blend. Inspired by the rich culinary traditions of this unique region, nestled between the scenic beauty of northern Spain and southwestern France, our blend is a tribute to an area celebrated for its passion for exceptional cuisine.

The Basque people hold food in the highest regard, as evidenced by their world-renowned chefs and the impressive concentration of Michelin-starred restaurants. This reverence for gastronomy is the very essence we've captured in our spice blend.

Perfect for a variety of dishes, our Basque blend infuses your marinades with a depth of flavor that's ideal for both vegetable and meat preparations, especially when you're planning to grill. It can transform simple potatoes, elevate your eggs to new heights, and even add a delightful twist to your pizza.

Our carefully chosen ingredients reflect the unique taste of the region. We've included the exquisite Piment d’Espelette pepper, known for its sweet heat with a touch of smokiness, alongside marjoram, anise, caraway, sun-kissed orange peel, salt, and rich paprika.

Each 4 oz tin is packed with approximately 1.5 oz of this delightful medley (actual weight varies with the density of the ingredients used as we make it), promising to bring the spirit of the Basque Country's culinary artistry into your kitchen. It's a simple way to add a touch of Europe's most revered food culture to your cooking repertoire.

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