Urfa Biber Chile Flakes

Urfa Biber Chile Pepper Flakes

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Urfa biber, also called urfa pepper is a salty, spicy, deep maroon Turkish chile pepper sold in flakes. Urfa refers to the region where the pepper is grown, and biber means pepper in Turkish.

The uses for this spice are limitless, from seasoning for braised meats and roasted vegetables, to standing in anywhere you’d use crushed red pepper. Urfa pepper has a delicious flavor that can add depth and spicy, smoky nuance to any dish.

Use it in your breakfast scrambles,spice up your pot of chili with a unique flavor or do some fusion by cutting it into a Mole sauce recipe. Also great to use in Desserts - especially where chocolate is involved. Think Spicy Chili Chocolate.

  • Packed in a small ziplock