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Applewood Smoked Salt (Decorative And Reusable Tin)

Applewood Smoked Salt (Decorative And Reusable Tin)

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Embrace the enticing aroma of our Yakima Applewood Smoked Salt, a delectable delight that brings the essence of aged apple wood to your table. This salt is cold smoked to perfection, offering a touch of smokey sweetness and a satisfying crispness that makes it remarkably versatile.

Ideal for those who adore a genuine smoky flavor, our Applewood Smoked Salt pairs beautifully with a variety of dishes. From adding a gentle, smoky touch to delicate fish and fresh vegetables to enhancing the savory notes of pork and poultry, this salt has the remarkable ability to elevate your culinary creations. And for the vegans out there longing for a hint of bacon, this salt is a must-try—its rich, smoky character is sure to satisfy those cravings!

Packaged thoughtfully in a reusable tin that contains a generous half cup or 150 grams of this flavorful seasoning, our Yakima Applewood Smoked Salt is a fantastic addition to your BBQ arsenal. So go ahead, sprinkle a little magic on your meals, and let every bite take you on a delightful, smoky journey.

150 grams

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