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Sodium Citrate

Sodium Citrate

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Glorious, velvety cheese sauce can be yours! Sodium Citrate acts as an emulsifier for the oils in the cheesemaking process allowing the cheese to melt without separating, resulting in cheesy perfection.

Our Premium Sodium Citrate is made of the sodium salt of citric acid and is used as a food additive that boosts both flavor and consistency.

It can be used along with citric acid as a buffer to reduce acidity. Other common uses include bratwursts, ice creams, jams, carbonated beverages & even wine!

Gluten-free - Anthony’s Premium Sodium Citrate is Batch-Tested Gluten-Free.

Emulsifier - Our Premium Sodium Citrate is an excellent emulsifier for melted cheese dips, mac'n cheese, cheese making and fondue!

Acidity Regulator - Anthony’s can be used with citric acid as a buffer to reduce acidity in foods. Great for Spherification and Molecular Gastronomy cooking and recipes.

For cheesemaking, as an example, dissolve 1 tsp or more of Sodium Citrate into 1 cup of liquid in a pot over medium heat. Bring to simmer. Add 1 lb of shredded cheese of choice. Stir until melted. 

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