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Smoky Cajun (Decorative And Reusable Tin)

Smoky Cajun (Decorative And Reusable Tin)

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Unleash a burst of vibrant flavor with our Smoky Cajun Blend, expertly crafted to bring a touch of Louisiana to your kitchen. This 2 oz jar of seasoning packs a powerful punch, combining the rich and smoky tones of both sweet and hot Paprika with a symphony of aromatic spices. 

- **Paprika, Smoked Sweet & Hot:** Adds a complex, smoky heat that's both sweet and fiery.
- **Thyme, Whole:** Infuses a subtle earthiness that complements the boldness of the paprika.
- **Garlic & Onion, Granules:** Delivers a savory depth that enhances every bite.
- **Brown Sugar, Light:** Balances the spice with a hint of caramelized sweetness.
- **White Ground Pepper:** Lends a sharp, clean heat that rounds out the blend.
- **REAL Salt:** Elevates the natural flavors, ensuring a well-rounded taste.
- **Cumin, Ground:** Imparts a warm, nutty flavor that enriches the overall profile.
- **Celery Seed, Whole:** Adds a fresh, slightly peppery note for a finishing touch.

Perfect for seasoning meats, seafood, and vegetables, our Smoky Cajun Blend is versatile enough for grilling, roasting, or even sprinkling over popcorn for a spicy snack. Try it in gumbos, jambalayas, or as a dry rub for BBQ to experience its full potential.

Handcrafted in small batches, our blend uses only the finest ingredients, ensuring a robust and consistent flavor every time. Whether you're a seasoned chef or a home cook, this blend will elevate your dishes to new heights.

Bring the soulful, smoky flavors of the South to your table with our Smoky Cajun Blend. Spice up your life and enjoy the taste of authentic Cajun cuisine!

2 oz in reusable, resealable tin

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