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Puerh Teas Sampler

Puerh Teas Sampler

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Dear tea aficionado,

It's such a pleasure to welcome you to the comforting world of our Spiced Puerh Tea. We've taken the classic, mellow mineral base of traditional Puerh and infused it with a lively blend of spices that promise to awaken and warm your spirit. Imagine the harmonious blend of sweet cinnamon, aromatic anise, and the spirited zing of ginger coming together to create a flavor experience that's as dynamic as it is soothing.

This tea is not just a beverage; it's a warm hug for your senses on those brisk and chilly days. Envision yourself cradled in a cozy nook, hands clasped around a steaming cup, with each sip melting away the cold, invigorating your body, and calming your mind.

Boasting a high level of caffeine, our Spiced Puerh Tea is the perfect energizer to kick-start your morning, or to rekindle your energy in the lull of the afternoon. Brew it to your liking at a robust 212° for 3-5 minutes. Whether you prefer a milder touch of spice or a bolder, more adventurous cup, this tea is as accommodating as it is delightful.

We take great care in offering this zestful blend in 2 oz units, each secured in a small ziplock to capture its essence and purity, guaranteeing that the vibrant qualities of the tea reach you in perfect condition for the ultimate brewing experience.

No matter what name it goes by—be it the traditional Pu'Ehr, the simple Pu Ehr, the elegant Pu Erh, or the playful Pu air—this tea stands as a loyal and charming companion throughout your daily journey.

Indulge in the spicy embrace of our Spiced Puerh Tea and let it serve as a reminder of the little joys in life, the warmth that comes with each cup, and the sweet serenity of taking time for yourself. To those moments filled with happiness and to the beautiful path of tea discovery: let's raise a cup. To your health and happiness, cheers!
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