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Salep, Wild Orchid Powder (for making Persian Ice Cream)

Salep, Wild Orchid Powder (for making Persian Ice Cream)

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Embark on a Creamy Odyssey with Our Authentic Salep Powder

Step into the enchanting world of traditional ice cream making with our wild-harvested Pure Salep Powder. This authentic treasure from Greece is the secret to crafting the famously stretchy Dondurma, Turkish ice cream, as well as the delectable Bastani, the Persian delight.

With our Salep Powder, a little goes a long way in conjuring up these exquisite frozen desserts, transporting you to the bustling streets of Istanbul or the fragrant bazaars of Tehran. Imagine creating eight luscious servings of Bastani with just a teaspoon of our Salep (yes, yum indeed!).

Our Salep is the genuine article, sourced directly from the rich landscapes of Eastern Europe (Greece, Albania, depending upon the lot), ensuring that you're getting the purest expression of this time-honored ingredient. It's ground to a fine powder for seamless integration into your recipes, offering a velvety texture that's truly unparalleled.

To pave the way for your culinary adventure, here is a classic Bastani recipe:

- Blend 500 ml of full cream milk, 250 ml of whipping cream, 3/4 cup of fine grain sugar, 1 teaspoon of rose water, and 1/4 teaspoon of saffron powder until the sugar dissolves.
- Add in 1 teaspoon of our Salep Powder and blend until the mixture thickens.
- Freeze the blend for 4-6 hours, blend again to smooth out any frozen parts, and then freeze until firm.

Presented in a charming small tin containing 3 tablespoons of Salep Powder, our product promises plenty of delightful experiences (as you can see with our recipe above).

Rest assured that you're receiving Salep in its purest form, with no additives, just as nature intended. Whether you're a connoisseur of exotic desserts or a home cook with a taste for adventure, our Pure Greek Salep Powder is your passport to a world of creamy, dreamy indulgence.

Here's to creating magic in your kitchen with Bucks Spices – satisfaction and smiles guaranteed! 🍨✨

Sold in a small tin, 3 Tablespoons (9 teaspoons!), plenty (see recipe above).

Pure, no additives.

Sahlab Sahlep Salepi

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