Smoked Sal de Gusano (Oaxacan Salt with Agave Worm)

Smoked Sal de Gusano (Oaxacan Salt with Agave Worm)

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A three-generation old Gran Mitla family recipe for Smoked Sal de Gusano that will enhance the finest mezcal you dare to pair it with.  Oaxacan spice is made from sea salt, toasted and ground agave worms, and chile costeño. This is made from a special combination of chilis–the secret behind the earthy rich flavor.

The perfect companion for Mezcal, Tequila, or a Michelada. Flavor brightening finishing salt for both Mexican and American dishes.

The adult agave worms are carefully pulled from the agave pulp they’ve been feasting on, then toasted and ground with hand-harvested Oaxacan sea salt and dried Oaxacan chilies.

Ingredients: gusano, sea salt, chinicuil, seasoned salt, chiles.

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