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Limited Edition Rock Stack Playing Cards

Limited Edition Rock Stack Playing Cards

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Here's a fun and unique gift: A set of limited edition "rock stack" playing cards by Maine artist Alexander Turanski. 

These are high-quality cards, each with an image made by Alexander of rocks and rock stacks that he made.

From Alex's bio:

"I began balancing stones as a therapeutic practice, to exercise pure, raw focus and to dissolve my distractions. I have found practicing the art of balance is a way for me to be fully in the present moment through interacting with nature. As I engage with the stones I become as present as the stone itself. Everything becomes just me and the stones. I study each one to find its full potential as an element in a balanced sculpture. I often try to find the most difficult balance points as a way to push myself deeper into meditative practice and mind-body coordination. 

Though the final sculptures are aesthetic art pieces that can be exhibited and photographed, the act of building them will always fundamentally be a form of meditation, an activity to exercise my curiosity, and a way of finding peace through feeling and working with nature. 

I find that the ephemeral nature of these sculptures imbues them with real-life energy. They are born from the combination of individual stones which together form a single, artistic personality. When they fall, their life energy disappears from this physical reality, never to be built in the same way again. I love working with stones in this way to create representations of the natural cycle of life and death."

Limited supply, something you will not find elsewhere, here courtesy of the artist.

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