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Organic Rare Kampot Red Peppercorns, Cambodia

Organic Rare Kampot Red Peppercorns, Cambodia

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Rare, these are the highest quality organic Kampot peppercorns, with the finest taste, authentically produced with exacting standards by farmers of the Kampot region in Cambodia, with 400 years of experience behind them.  They come from a family farm: Definitely small batch.

Kampot peppercorn berries are handpicked and dried naturally in the sun, where the outer husk turns a dark red.

Grind fresh red pepper on almost any dish, from salads and pastas, to red meat and poultry, and even on desserts.

They deliver an entrancing combination of spicy black pepper and sugary sweetness, with a powerful and fruity aroma.

28 grams (1 oz)  in a resealable tin.

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