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Primo Fungi Wellness Blend 3-Mushroom Powder

Primo Fungi Wellness Blend 3-Mushroom Powder

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Good morning, and what a beautiful morning to treat yourself to the embrace of our Mushroom Wellness Blend coffee infusion! Lovingly crafted with a trio of nature's most nurturing fungi, this blend is a testament to the gentle power of Reishi, the resilience of Turkey Tail, and the vitality of Chaga. Each mushroom brings its own unique gift to support and sustain your wellness journey.

And because every masterpiece deserves a finishing touch, we've infused our blend with a delicate sprinkle of cocoa and coconut to delight your senses. The result is a subtle caress of flavor that enhances your morning coffee, latte, tea, or chai, turning your everyday beverage into an extraordinary moment of well-being.

Tucked inside each 45 ml tube is the key to unlocking 18 to 36 servings of serenity and strength. Adding a mere quarter to a half teaspoon per cup is all it takes to brew a wonderful wellspring of support for your mind, body, and soul.

So as you welcome the day, invite our Mushroom Wellness Blend into your cup and your heart. It's more than a simple coffee topper; it's a soothing ritual, a nurturing companion, and a delicious promise of a day brimming with balance and harmony. Wishing you a delightful brew and a wellness-filled day ahead! Cheers to your health!

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