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Primo Fungi Tonic 5-Mushroom Powder

Primo Fungi Tonic 5-Mushroom Powder

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Imagine beginning your day with a symphony of wellness in every sip—our Mushroom Tonic Coffee Topper is the maestro to make it happen. Crafted with a powerful quintet of mushrooms, this blend combines the immune-supporting prowess of Reishi, the nurturing essence of Turkey Tail, the cognitive brilliance of Lion's Mane, the fortifying strength of Chaga, and the energizing spirit of Cordyceps. Together, they create a harmony of health to uplift and sustain your mind, body, and soul.

Infused with just the right hint of cocoa and coconut, our tonic doesn't just amplify the benefits of your favorite morning beverage; it enhances the taste, transforming your coffee, latte, tea, or chai into a luxurious elixir of vitality.

Conveniently packaged in a 45 ml tube, our blend is a treasure trove of goodness. Whether you prefer a subtle boost with a quarter teaspoon brewed or a more robust flourish with a half, you control the intensity of your wellness journey, enjoying anywhere from 18 to 36 servings per tube.

Savor the richness of flavor and the bounty of health benefits with each cherished cup. Here's to a daily ritual that is as nourishing as it is delightful. To your health, happiness, and the simple pleasure of a perfectly topped cup of warmth. Cheers to you!

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