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Primo Fungi Clarity Blend 2-Mushroom Powder

Primo Fungi Clarity Blend 2-Mushroom Powder

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Rise and shine to the promise of a vibrant day with our enchanting Mushroom Clarity Blend, the perfect complement to your morning ritual. Thoughtfully conceived with a duo of nature's finest fungi, this coffee topper boasts the brain-boosting power of Lion's Mane and the vitality-infusing kick of Cordyceps. Each ingredient has been selected for its remarkable ability to refresh and rejuvenate mind, body, and soul.

A delicate dusting of cocoa and a whisper of coconut are all it takes to lift this blend into the realm of the extraordinary, offering a subtle, indulgent flavor that seamlessly melds with your favorite coffee, latte, tea, or chai. Such a delightful fusion not only enhances your beverage but also envelops you in a moment of pure, focused bliss.

Our blend is lovingly packed in a 45 ml tube, perfectly portioned to provide you with 18 to 36 servings of pure clarity. Just brew a quarter to a half teaspoon per cup is all you need to unlock the enchanting potential of your daily brew.

So go ahead, brew a little magic into your cup and savor the serenity that our Mushroom Clarity Blend brings. Here's to starting your day with a touch of nature's best, a sip of tranquility, and a heart full of harmony. Cheers to your health and happiness!

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