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Premium Sri Lanka tea, flavored with roasted chestnuts

Premium Sri Lanka tea, flavored with roasted chestnuts

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Ah, the season of joy and togetherness is upon us, and what better way to enhance the festivities than with a cup of our Premium Chestnut Black Tea? Sourced from the revered tea gardens of Sri Lanka, this luxurious blend is kissed with the flavor of roasted chestnuts, making it a quintessential holiday treat to cherish beside the crackling warmth of an open fire.

As Jack Frost etches delicate patterns on your windowpanes, allow yourself a moment of pure bliss with this holiday favorite. Its roasty nuances and smooth, full-bodied texture provide a comforting embrace, while the pleasant dryness is reminiscent of a brisk winter's evening spent in good company.

This tea's robust caffeine level makes it an excellent choice for those mornings when you need an extra burst of warmth or for an afternoon pick-me-up to keep the holiday spirits high. Steep it at a hearty 212° for just 3-5 minutes, and you'll have the perfect companion for your holiday merriment.

Presented in a 2 oz resealable zip bag, you can be sure your tea stays as fresh as the season's first snowfall, with every brew offering the same invigorating aroma and taste.

So come, gather your loved ones, or enjoy a quiet, solitary retreat into comfort with our Premium Chestnut Black Tea. It's more than a cup of tea—it's a cup of holiday cheer, lovingly crafted for your enjoyment. Cheers to the warm memories you'll forge and the festive warmth that awaits with every sip!

Blended With Black Tea & Natural Chestnut Flavor

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