Papain Powder (natural Papaya-based enzymatic meat tenderizer)

Pure Papain Powder (natural Papaya-based enzymatic meat tenderizer)

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A natural Papaya-based enzymatic meat tenderizer!  Don't be confused by substitutes with additives.

This really works!

Have you ever enjoyed a skewer of meat where the meat is so tender it falls off the skewer?  Welp, it's been tenderized.  

Tenderizing can happen a few ways: physical (pounding, to break meat fibers); chemical (really.  Don't do this); and enzymatic.  Papain is an enzymatic tenderizer.  Blend a little papain with just a little water, and then into your marinade, and marinate overnight (ideally, but several hours will have some effect).  You will find this handy natural plant-based powder to be your new best friend.

Papain, made from extracting enzymes from papaya skins, breaks down tough meat fibers, and has been used since before European contact to tenderize meat eaten in its native South America. 

Meat tenderizers in powder form with papain as an active component are widely sold and the culinary use of papaya peel has featured in research papers.

Use approximately 1 tsp per 1 lb of meat, marinate (over night if possible), and your meat will melt in your mouth!

Ours is all natural: don't be fooled into buying more than you need or buying something with additives.

Sold by ounce, One ounce is roughly 6 tablespoons.  It will last you a long time!