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Oaxacan Chicatana Ants (hormigas chicatanas)

Oaxacan Chicatana Ants (hormigas chicatanas)

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Experience the Exotic Flavor of Coastal Oaxaca with Our Roasted Chicatana Ants

Welcome to the fascinating world of gourmet delicacies with our rare and captivating Chicatana Ants, a cherished culinary treasure straight from the lush landscapes of Mexico. Revered for their unique taste and texture, these winged wonders offer a distinctive crunch and flavor sought after by connoisseurs and adventurous foodies alike.

Hailing from the charming coastal regions of Oaxaca, these edible insects are not just a delicacy—they're a testament to the skill and dedication required for their harvest. Available only during the first heavy rains of the season, capturing these feisty flyers is both an art and a challenge, adding to the allure of each precious tin we offer.

Once collected, our Chicatana Ants are lovingly dry-toasted on a traditional comal, enhancing their natural, smoky taste. Enjoy them in a robust salsa chicatana or as a savory complement to a glass of smooth mezcal, and indulge in a salty, smoky bite of Mexican tradition.

Wondering what Chicatana Ants taste like? Imagine a symphony of flavors with each crunch: a rich blend of smoked cacao and nut brittle, a velvety touch of fatty goodness, and a profound umami kick reminiscent of a mature, washed-rind cheese.

Curious about the best way to savor these scrumptious insects? Sprinkle them atop guacamole for a surprising twist, tuck them inside warm tamales, or mix them with peanuts for the ultimate salty snack to accompany your mezcal. If you're feeling particularly inventive, whip up a savory salsa that'll have your guests buzzing with delight. Chicatana Ants have even soared into the spotlight of haute cuisine, with celebrated chefs incorporating them into moles and sauces for an unparalleled gourmet experience.

Our Chicatana Ants, the queens of the Mixtec region and adored since pre-Hispanic times, are sourced from ten different communities, ensuring they're of the highest quality for preparing the most exquisite dishes. They're not only rich in flavor but also packed with protein, making them a nutritious and exceptional ingredient that's hard to come by.

Each tin contains approximately 30 grams (about 1 oz) of roasted Chicatana Ants, perfect for adding an extraordinary touch to your culinary creations. Discover a taste that transcends time and elevates your palate with Bucks Spices. Embrace the extraordinary – your adventure in flavor starts here!

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