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Moocestershire Steak Seasoning (Decorative And Reusable Tin)

Moocestershire Steak Seasoning (Decorative And Reusable Tin)

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If there's a carnivore in your household, they're in for a real treat with our locally crafted Moocestershire Steak Seasoning—an Olympia classic with a twist!

Diving into a bit of history, Worcestershire sauce originated as a liquid condiment from Worcester in Worcestershire, England, in the early 19th century, courtesy of pharmacists John Wheeley Lea and William Henry Perrins. Yet, since 1876, "Worcestershire" has been free for all to use, as ruled by the English High Court.

But let's chat about what sets our Moocestershire apart (and we'd like to think it's a cut above the rest). It's an amazing concoction that's kinder to both people and the planet, free from any preservatives. Plus, it's in a handy powder form, great for concocting a quick marinade with oil, spicing up a Bloody Mary, or seasoning any protein with a direct rub before you cook.

Our Moocestershire isn't just for meat. It enhances food and drink recipes galore—from Welsh rarebit to Caesar salad, Oysters Kirkpatrick to deviled eggs, and even new classics like chili and beef stew with that essential umami kick.

And let's not forget, it's a superstar condiment for steaks, burgers, and a game-changer in cocktails like the Bloody Mary and Caesar.

This great seasoning promises more versatility than your standard liquid sauce and is always crafted in limited runs. So grab it while you can—once it's gone, it may not grace our shelves again.

Give your palate the gift of Moocestershire Steak Seasoning and elevate your meals from good to unforgettable!

Presented in a charming, decorative 4 oz tin that you’ll want to keep long after the spices are gone, each tin holds roughly 60 grams (2 ounces) of our freshly blended product. While the weight may slightly vary due to the volume of the fresh ingredients, the taste remains consistently sublime.

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