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MEDITERRANEAN COOKERY, Roden, Claudia, Vintage, Hardbound

MEDITERRANEAN COOKERY, Roden, Claudia, Vintage, Hardbound

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Throughout the Mediterranean region—from the South coasts of Spain and France through Italy to Greece, Turkey, and the Middle East, and along the coast of North Africa—people are passionate about the food they eat and produce. The result is a rich variety of dishes made from sun-ripened fruit and vegetables, olive oil and garlic, meat and fresh herbs, and seafood and grains. In Mediterranean Cookery, award-winning author Claudia Roden brings you many classic recipes from the region. 

All of our cookbooks are vintage, used, loved, worked from, cooked from. This is by design, a feature, not a bug.  If you are looking for new cookbooks we recommend you check with Browsers Books in Olympia, WA.

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