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Lavender Lemon Herbal Tea Bags

Lavender Lemon Herbal Tea Bags

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Indulge in the opulent comfort of our Lavender Lemon herbal tea, a symphony for the senses that turns any moment into an exquisite escape. With its vibrant, caffeine-free blend, this tea is a lovingly crafted potion with the power to calm and soothe after the hustle of a bustling day.

Each pyramid teabag holds a treasure trove of flavor, releasing the intoxicating perfume of lavender and the bright, citrusy notes of lemon into your cup. Steep it at 212° for 5-10 minutes and watch as the dance of aromas and tastes gently unfolds, offering you a warm, inviting embrace.

Presented in a resealable zip bag that keeps its precious contents fresh, our Lavender Lemon herbal tea comes with 15 pyramid teabags, each one promising a special moment of tranquility. Whether you're easing into your morning, enjoying a midday respite, or settling down as twilight paints the sky, this tea is an effortless luxury that you so richly deserve.

So go ahead, relish the refined simplicity of our Lavender Lemon herbal tea, and allow it to transport you to a place of serene joy with every sip. Here’s to the peaceful moments that await within each cup. Cheers to your well-being and delight!

Blended With Apple Pieces, Lemon Grass, Rose Hips, Lavender, Orange, Natural Lemon Flavor & Blue Cornflowers

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