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Indian Black Salt (kalak namak, Himalayan black salt) Tin

Indian Black Salt (kalak namak, Himalayan black salt) Tin

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Step into the enchanting world of South Asian flavors with our premium Kalak Namak, also fondly known as black salt. This unique volcanic rock salt, cherished for its distinct salty taste and aromatic pungency, is a treasured ingredient in the region's culinary landscape.

Our Kalak Namak begins as pristine Himalayan Pink Salt, which undergoes a transformative process. It is heated to incredibly high temperatures and blended with a selection of traditional Indian spices and herbs, including the harad fruit's seeds, renowned for imparting a natural hint of sulfur. This meticulous method gives birth to its characteristic flavor profile, beloved in culinary and Ayurvedic traditions alike.

Admire its beauty in its whole form, where it presents itself in brownish pink to dark violet translucent crystals. Once ground, it unveils a spectrum of colors from purple to pink, ready to add an exotic touch to your cooking.

Embrace the qualities of our superior kala namak, which has long been celebrated for not only its bold flavors but also for its reputed health benefits. We are proud to offer you 120 grams of this culinary treasure, neatly packaged in a charming 4 oz tin.

We hope you relish the rich taste and heritage that every grain of our kala namak carries. Here's to bringing a pinch of South Asian tradition into your kitchen with our finest selection!

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