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Heritage Firewood Green - Single Origin, Small Batch Assam Green Tea

Heritage Firewood Green - Single Origin, Small Batch Assam Green Tea

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Introducing the Heritage Firewood Green: A Unique Single-Origin Delicacy

Crafted by the hands of Rajen Baruah at Heritage Tea, this exceptional tea hails from the verdant landscapes of Dibrugarh in Assam, India, harvested in the winter of 2018.

Experience the captivating transformation of the Heritage Green tea, carefully smoked over firewood. Delight in the unique alchemy, where the inherent sweet and mineral notes dance with smoky undertones, yielding a savory-sweet symphony with just a hint of bitterness.

A perfect choice for aficionados of smoked teas like the renowned Lapsang Souchong, or for green tea enthusiasts seeking the robust, savory notes reminiscent of a fine sencha.

Assam is traditionally known for its mass-produced teas, but Rajen Baruah, after a storied career with larger companies, returned from retirement to forge a new path with Heritage Tea. His mission: to empower local farmers to create extraordinary teas like this one.

Sown and nurtured with locally-sourced vermicompost, Heritage Tea offers a pure, chemical-free experience.

Savoring Your Cup: For the ideal brew, start with 1 teaspoon (approximately 3 grams) per 250ml cup. Infuse for 2 minutes at these carefully curated temperatures:

- For a gentler cup with sweet overtones and a smoky, mineral essence, brew at 175°F.
- For a bolder, deeply savory taste with full-bodied flavors, brew at 185°F.

Enhance your tea journey by re-steeping the leaves up to 2 times, adjusting with hotter water and lengthier infusion times to extract the full breadth of flavors.

Offered in 2-ounce packages

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