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Heritage Assam Pekoe - Single Origin, Small Batch Assam Pekoe Tea

Heritage Assam Pekoe - Single Origin, Small Batch Assam Pekoe Tea

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Explore the Single-Origin Splendor of Heritage Assam Pekoe Tea

Embark on an enchanting voyage to the lush valleys of Dibrugarh in Assam, India, with a cup of Heritage Assam Pekoe in hand. Crafted with devotion by the Baruah family and the adroit teamaker, Ishan Baruah, this tea captures the very soul of its Assamese roots.

Cultivated at a serene elevation of 100 meters (350 feet), each leaf is a labor of love, grown using time-honored natural farming practices. Plucked in the cooler months of winter 2021, this unassuming organic gem embraces you with its purity and freshness.

Delight in the Signature Flavors

The Heritage Assam Pekoe is a finely honed work of art, a black tea that reverberates with the renowned Assam boldness. Its malty depth is lifted by the zesty surprise of citrus and the soft, floral hints of rose, all hand-picked with the utmost care. It is then meticulously processed to achieve the perfect leaf size, creating a strong yet exquisitely balanced brew. Whether you seek a robust standalone cup or wish to blend it into your own tea creation, this Pekoe adapts to your every desire.

Cherishing the Legacy of Excellence

Nestled in a region famed for robust, malty teas courtesy of its low altitude, generous rains, and a warm, humid air, Heritage Tea Assam is a beacon of high-quality craft in a sea of commercial bulk production. Their Assam Pekoe is born from the skillful harvest of hand-picked leaves from the grand Camellia sinensis assamica shrubs, with pickers who prioritize precision over volume, ensuring an unparalleled quality in every leaf.

Committed to Earth-Friendly Practices

Heritage Tea is deeply rooted in sustainable, eco-conscious values, championing the use of local vermicompost to cultivate their teas without chemical additives. The visionary behind it all, Rajen Baruah, not only cultivates these teas but also educates and mentors the local farming community, advocating a progressive path toward ever-improving tea practices.

Offered in 2-ounce packages, Heritage Assam Pekoe is not merely a beverage—it's an heirloom of Assam's rich tea culture, inviting you to partake in its storied tradition and dynamic spirit.

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