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Earl Grey Bella Luna Tea

Earl Grey Bella Luna Tea

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Illuminate your teatime with the celestial magic of our Earl Grey Bella Luna, where the classic robustness of Earl Grey meets the luminous touch of a full moon night. This blend is an ode to the traditional, with its familiar notes of bergamot that dance gracefully in every cup. But wait—there's a delightful twist: a soft glow of coconut and cream that gently infuses the tea with a luxurious richness.

Each sip of Earl Grey Bella Luna is like basking in the radiant light of the moon—bright, enchanting, and utterly captivating. The tea's well-rounded profile makes it an unforgettable experience, one that's rich in flavor and steeped in tradition.

With a high level of caffeine, this tea is the perfect choice to kickstart your morning or to spark a burst of focused energy any time of day. Allow it to steep at 212° for 3-5 minutes to fully embrace its boldness and depth.

We've sealed this stellar blend in a resealable zip bag, containing 2 oz of tea to ensure every brew is as fresh as a clear night sky. Earl Grey Bella Luna is more than a cup of tea—it's a sip of the extraordinary, ready to enchant you with every moonlit steep.

Blended With Black Tea, Coconut, Blue Cornflowers, Natural Coconut Flavor, Natural Bergamot Flavor & Natural Creme Flavor
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