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Dried Sansho Peppers (chopi (초피)

Dried Sansho Peppers (chopi (초피)

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Introducing the vibrant Sansho pepper, a flavor sensation that will captivate your palate with its robust citrus zing, reminiscent of yuzu and grapefruit. Less intense than the fiery Szechuan peppercorns, Sansho offers a gentler heat complemented by a subtle numbing sensation, making it a perfectly balanced spice for your culinary repertoire.

Infuse your simple dishes with a spark of excitement; Sansho pepper is the ideal mate for fluffy rice, comforting ramen, or an intricate Sansho pepper fish creation. Its bright, citrusy notes cut through the richness of fatty pork or earthy mushrooms, leaving a taste that is both complex and harmonious.

We're delighted to offer this unique pepper in prepacked, resealable zip bags, sold by the ounce to ensure freshness and convenience for your cooking needs.

Elevate your meals with a touch of Sansho magic and discover a new world of flavors!

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