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Dreamberry Rooibos Naturally Decaffeinated Tea

Dreamberry Rooibos Naturally Decaffeinated Tea

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Step into a world where indulgence meets tranquility with our Dreamberry tea—a haven for those who yearn for a luscious escape without the buzz. This caffeine-free green rooibos tea is the epitome of creamy delight, blending the playful tartness of sun-kissed raspberries with the luxurious sweetness of white chocolate. It's a dreamy concoction perfect for those serene moments of me-time when you wish to savor life's little pleasures.

Our Dreamberry tea is not only a treat for the senses but also a considerate choice for those with dietary sensitivities. The white chocolate chips nestled within this blend are conscientiously crafted to be allergen-friendly, free from both soy and dairy. So, you can surrender to its delicious allure with peace of mind.

Each 2 oz of this charming tea promises a cup filled with joyous flavor—sip by sip, it's a creamy, dreamy journey that's bound to leave you feeling soothed and content. It's time to spoil yourself with the sweet, guilt-free embrace of Dreamberry tea, a perfect companion for those quiet, reflective moments or whenever you desire a touch of creamy, berry bliss.

Blended With Green Rooibos Tea, Apple Pieces, Mini White Chocolate Chips, Cocoa Nibs, Raspberries, White Chocolate Flavor, Natural Raspberry Flavor, White Cornflowers & Red Cornflowers

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