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Pink Curing Salt, Prague Powder

Pink Curing Salt, Prague Powder

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Step into the time-honored tradition of meat curing with our premium curing salts, affectionately known in some circles as Prague Powder. This essential ingredient is your trusty ally in the art of preserving meats, ensuring that your homemade sausages, bacons, and other cured delights are both safe and savory.

Our expertly blended curing salts are thoughtfully crafted with a mix of table salt and sodium nitrite. This dynamic duo works tirelessly to keep unfriendly bacteria at bay, most notably the notorious Clostridium botulinum, safeguarding against botulism and maintaining the vibrant color that's the hallmark of cured meats. Plus, we’ve added a harmless red dye for a distinctive pink hue, so there's no mistaking these specialty salts for ordinary table salt.

And let's not forget, while they may share a similar pinkish glow, these curing salts are not to be mistaken with Himalayan pink salt (which can be found here); our blend is formulated specifically for the demands of meat preservation.

Packaged with love in an adorable tin that contains 5.3 ounces of curing magic, our salts are ready to help you create culinary masterpieces that stand the test of time.

Happy curing, and may your charcuterie board always be a bounty of flavor and tradition!

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