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Cumin Garlic Preserved Meyer Lemon Paste

Cumin Garlic Preserved Meyer Lemon Paste

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Delicious.  This Cumin Garlic Preserved Meyer Lemon Paste balances toasted cumin seed with pickled garlic, bringing this warm, distinct flavor to everyday foods.

Spoonable in one step, it's seafood's most loyal companion and flavor-saver: the longer the paste rests on fish before grilling or baking, the stronger the flavor. A long time bestie to melted butter, it's a favorite duo for sautéed or grilled veggies. Avid fan of Asian everything, pair equal parts miso paste and this Cumin Garlic blend and a dash of sesame oil to open up a world of Asian dishes. Self-proclaimed show stealer (hello, one-ingredient guacamole).

Best buy date: two years. Does not need to be refrigerated in store.

Ingredients: Organic California Meyer lemons, cumin seed, pickled garlic.



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