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Mullein, Organic (Black Bag)

Mullein, Organic (Black Bag)

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Welcome to the soothing embrace of mullein, a feathery green treasure from nature's apothecary. Cherished in herbal circles for its gentle touch, mullein is a versatile herb that finds its way into the comforting warmth of medicinal teas as well as the earthy companionship of smoking blends.

As a tea, mullein is a tender balm for the weary. It whispers relief through its expectorant qualities, helping to clear the lungs and soothe the throat, especially during those trying times when the air is heavy with forest fire smoke. It's like a soft lullaby for your respiratory system, inviting your body to breathe a little easier.

In the realm of smoking blends, mullein is a trusted ally for those mapping their journey away from tobacco. Its mild nature offers a kind reprieve, a friendly hand to hold while navigating the path to a tobacco-free life.

We package this gentle herb in 1 oz bags, a perfect portion to introduce mullein's healing touch into your daily rituals. Whether steeped in hot water or shared in a blend, mullein is ready to offer its tender care. Here's to finding comfort and wellness, one sip or puff at a time.
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