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Dragonwell Traditional Chinese Tea (Longjing)

Dragonwell Traditional Chinese Tea (Longjing)

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Embark on a taste journey to the verdant hills of Hangzhou with our cherished Dragonwell green tea—a Chinese treasure renowned for its signature shape and storied heritage. Dragonwell, or Lung Ching as it is known to the locals, is a testament to the artistry of tea masters who have honed their craft over countless generations.

Each leaf is a little piece of art, smooth and meticulously flattened along its vein by the hands of skilled artisans. Their method of pan-firing in a hot wok, a technique refined through the ages, imparts a warm, toasty aroma that beckons with each brew.
Dragonwell, or Longjing, tea is known for its long flat shape. This is caused by the wok-frying process used to stop oxidization; however, there are rumors as to other ways the tea could have gotten its shape. One legend states that while visiting the Longjing tea gardens, the Qianlong Emperor was so impressed that he wanted to try picking the leaves himself. However, he was called away during picking when he found out his mother was ill. Rumor says the leaves have been shaped to look like the ones he stored in his sleeve as he left ever since.

Savor the sweet symphony of flavors that evoke the essence of roasted white corn—our Dragonwell is a melody of full-bodied nuttiness intertwined with a creamy, buttery texture. It finishes on a delightfully dry note, leaving a satisfying richness on your palate that is the hallmark of a truly exceptional cup of tea.

With a moderate caffeine content, this green tea is both stimulating and soothing, perfect for moments of mindful relaxation. Steep at 180° for 2-3 minutes to capture its essence in your cup.

Presented in a resealable zip bag containing 2 oz of this prized tea, our Dragonwell is waiting to fill your days with its sublime character and a taste that lingers like the lasting impression of a cherished memory. Discover the beauty of Dragonwell and let every sip transport you to the tranquil tea gardens of China.


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