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Citrus Bergamia Powder (Bergamot Orange)

Citrus Bergamia Powder (Bergamot Orange)

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Step into the sun-soaked orchards of southern Italy with our delightful Bergamot Orange (Citrus bergamia) Powder. This citrus marvel, with its roots in the blending of two ancestral orange species, offers a tart and tangy twist to your favorite smoothies. Radiant as a lemon in its bright yellow hue, our Bergamot Orange is a natural zesty treasure, dried gently and ground finely for your convenience.

Most of these citrus gems are nurtured on the warm, terraced hills of Calabria, with the name 'Bergamot' paying homage to the picturesque town of Bergamo in the same spirited region.

Famed for lending its aromatic essence to the beloved Earl Grey tea, Bergamot Orange's fragrant oil transforms black tea into an aromatic indulgence with its distinctive flavor.

Recent medical studies have cast a spotlight on the possible health benefits of Citrus Bergamia, particularly noting its potential to assist in managing cholesterol levels.

Available by the ounce, this powdered sunshine is ready to brighten your day and invigorate your healthful routines.

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