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Ceylon Summer Rose Tea

Ceylon Summer Rose Tea

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Drift through the dreamy days of summer with each cup of our Summer Rose tea, a blend that captures the delicate perfume of roses climbing a garden trellis on a warm evening. The tea is a harmonious symphony of mellow floral notes complemented by the lively zest of Ceylon black tea.

Whether savored as a comforting hot brew or enjoyed as a refreshing iced beverage, this tea conjures images of verdant lawns, gentle porch swings, and the serene, sun-kissed leisure of summer days.

Infused with a high level of caffeine for an invigorating lift, it steeps to perfection at 212° in just 3 minutes. Nestled in a resealable zip bag and holding 2 oz of this floral delight, our Summer Rose tea is ready to accompany you through the seasons, bringing warmth and joy with every sip.

Blended With Black Tea, Rose Petals & Rose Flavor
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