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Blackberry Sage Oolong Teabags

Blackberry Sage Oolong Teabags

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Allow the essence of the forest to grace your cup with our Blackberry Sage Oolong—a magical brew that marries the boldness of ripe berries with the whisper of sage. It's a grounding experience for those who delight in the complex tapestry of earthy and herbaceous notes.

Greet your day with the perfect balance of a moderate caffeine boost, ensuring a serene yet spirited energy. Steeping your path to tranquility is simple—just heat water to 212° and let the flavors blossom for 3-5 minutes.

This enchanted blend comes to you in a resealable zip bag, containing 15 pyramid teabags, each one a promise of the serene and the sublime. Invite the forest into your daily ritual, and let the rich character of our Blackberry Sage Oolong tea inspire you.

Blended With Oolong Tea, Sage Crushed, Raspberry Leaves, Natural Blackberry Flavor & Raspberries

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