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Black Chanterelles, Black Trumpets, Horns of Plenty mushrooms, 1 oz, wildcrafted

Black Chanterelles, Black Trumpets, Horns of Plenty mushrooms, 1 oz, wildcrafted

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Welcome to the mystical world of Black Chanterelles, also fondly known as Black Trumpets or Horns of Plenty. These exceptional mushrooms are not just edible; they are a treasure trove of rich, woodsy flavors that are highly sought after by chefs and food enthusiasts alike. Experiencing the Black Chanterelle is like uncovering a hidden gem of the forest—each one offering a unique taste of the wild.

As they dry, Black Chanterelles take on an enchanting transformation; their already good flavor deepens into sophisticated notes reminiscent of luxurious black truffles. In this form, they can be crumbled and sprinkled as a lavish condiment, adding a touch of opulence to your meals.

The versatility of Black Chanterelles is celebrated in culinary circles. One French cookbook dedicated to mushrooms presents eight different ways to indulge in this species, from terrine and soufflé to marinade, tajine, and fricassée. Each recipe is a testament to their adaptability and the exquisite fragrance they bring to a myriad of dishes.

Rehydrating these gems before cooking is as simple as it is rewarding. In just 10 minutes, you can revive their natural splendor, ready to cook into your dishes with their intoxicating scent and flavor. Remember to give them a gentle but thorough rinse before use, as they are wildcrafted and thrive in sandy soil.

We offer these wild wonders by the ounce, perfect for experimenting with new recipes or adding a touch of gourmet flair to your favorite dishes. These Black Chanterelles are more than just a food item; they are an invitation to create, to explore, and to delight in the uncharted flavors of the wild. Happy cooking, and savor the discovery!

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