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Barberries (berberis, zereshk)

Barberries (berberis, zereshk)

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Barberries (also known as Berberi or zereshk).

Popular in Iranian cuisine and mid-eastern countries, Berberis has a lemony currant-like flavor, sharp and tangy. Try in golden saffron rice yogurt and chicken or stuffing with almond, onions, cumin and coriander on lamb.

The berries are common in Persian cuisine such as in rice pilafs (known as zereshk polo) and as a flavouring for poultry meat. Due to their inherent sour flavor, they are sometimes cooked with sugar before being added to Persian rice. Iranian markets sell zereshk dried. In Russia they are sometimes used in jams (especially the mixed berry ones) and extract from them is a common flavouring for soft drinks and candies/sweets.

Naturally grown, no added ingredients. 

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medicinal:  The fruit of European barberry is most commonly used traditionally for gastrointestinal (GI) tract discomforts such as heartburn, stomachcramps, constipation, and lack of appetite.


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