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Authentic Sriracha Salt (Decorative And Reusable Tin)

Authentic Sriracha Salt (Decorative And Reusable Tin)

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Introducing our Sriracha Sea Salt—a zesty blend that captures the essence of the beloved Sriracha sauce with a tantalizing twist. Ours is a masterful combination of pure sea salt with the authentic taste of Chimayo Peppers, the fiery kick of Habanero Peppers, and a dash of Garlic Powder to create a sea salt that's brimming with spicy goodness.

True to the original flavors that Sriracha fans adore, this spicy sea salt infusion is a fantastic way to add some sizzle to any dish. Whether you're a culinary expert or just someone who loves to add a burst of flavor to your meals, this sea salt blend will become an indispensable addition to your spice cabinet.

Thoughtfully packed in a reusable tin containing 150 grams of this spicy treasure, our Sriracha Sea Salt isn't just a seasoning—it's an invitation to explore a world of bold flavors. Sprinkle some on your favorite recipes and transform your kitchen into a haven of gourmet experimentation.

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