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Original Chinese 5-Spice Bright, in a decorative reusable tin

Original Chinese 5-Spice Bright, in a decorative reusable tin

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Immerse yourself in a delightful journey of taste with our genuine Chinese five spice blend. This carefully crafted mix, featuring the aromatic quartet of anise, fennel, cinnamon, and clove, with the added depth of black pepper, fiery red Szechuan peppercorn, zesty orange, and fragrant coriander, is your secret to transforming everyday meals into extraordinary feasts.

Whether you're grilling, braising, roasting vegetables, whipping up a quick stir-fry, comforting noodles, or baking sweet treats, this exquisite blend breathes new life into your dishes.

Each spice is lovingly enclosed in an attractive 4 oz tin—a keepsake in itself—that contains 65 grams (around 2 ounces) of freshly mixed spices. The weight may vary ever so slightly with the density of ingredients each time we make it, but the flavor is unwaveringly magnificent.

Embrace the rich tradition of Chinese gastronomy with this alluring spice blend, and let each pinch elevate your culinary creations to soaring new heights!

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