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10 Spilanthes in Cool Reusable Apothecary Jar

10 Spilanthes in Cool Reusable Apothecary Jar

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Embark on a sensory journey with our enchanting Spilanthes flowers, the little wonders also known as buzz buttons or electric daisies. Neatly presented in a quaint, reusable apothecary jar, you'll receive a collection of 10 vibrant blossoms to explore and enjoy.

Dive into the botanical charm of Acmella oleracea, a flowering herb from the diverse Asteraceae family with a bouquet of common names, from the toothache plant to Sichuan buttons. While its roots may be cloaked in the mystery of Brazilian heritage, its allure is undeniably global. As an eye-catching ornamental, it not only adds a splash of gold and red to gardens but also invites the mesmerizing twinkle of fireflies.

What sets these floral gems apart isn't their flavor—it's the extraordinary sensation they impart. Upon gracing your palate, each Spilanthes flower creates a delightful tingling buzz, an experience that is as unique as it is unforgettable. It's this thrilling tingle, rather than the flavor, that we cherish and offer.

We first discovered this marvel as a playful garnish atop a salad in a Brazilian restaurant nestled in the Arts district of Los Angeles. It's there that the electric daisy truly shines, not for its culinary taste but for the zesty tingle it brings to each bite.

While we don't provide the leaves, the flowers alone hold the magic you seek. They have been known to play a role in traditional remedies, used in Asia to soothe toothaches and more. But it's in the joy of that buzz, the surprise in every petal, that the Spilanthes flower invites you to partake in its dance of delight.

Treat yourself to an electrifying experience! Let the good times buzz with our captivating Spilanthes flowers!
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