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Welcome to our growing Chai Sanctuary—a collection that encapsulates the soul of our blends and embodies our dedication to the finest infusions. Each chai we offer is an echo of a timeless journey, bringing together the wisdom of ancient spice blending and the art of tea curation. Our selection is a canvas painted with robust and delicate flavors, each sip a step through the enchanting world of tea, resonating deeply with those who seek to transcend the ordinary.

Indulge in a variety of chai options, where each variant—from the classic warmth of Black Chai to the refreshing zest of Green Chai and the soothing embrace of Herbal Chai—provides a unique experience. Each blend is available by the ounce, ensuring the freshest flavor and the most aromatic character, a nod to the tradition of our founder, Anne Buck, and her deep-rooted passion for the finest infusions.

Whether you're steeping a comforting cup from our Chai collection to start the day or unwinding in the evening, know that you're partaking in a tradition as rich and vibrant as the teas themselves. Our commitment to sustainable sourcing and quality is poured into every packet, just as it has been since the opening of Olympia's first actual tea room, The Chattery Down.

Embrace the blended traditions with every steep and let Bucks' Chai Collection be your guide through a sensory journey of spice, zest, and time-honored elegance.

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